Born on a breezy Californian day, Brisa Roché was raised by an artist mother and adventurer father without electricity on the northwest US coast, where she surfed the waves, before leaving home with her guitar at 16. She moved to Paris and plunged into role of bandleader and frontwoman, improvising 5 nights a week in the stone "caves" of St. Germain, cutting her teeth and learning to command the stage, putting the vulnerability of her own songwriting temporarily aside, in favor of the vocal freedom possible through jazz. However, discovered by Blue Note and signed to EMI in 2004, Brisa released a critically acclaimed first record that veered instead towards spacey, cinematic pop. Beside her songwriting accomplishment, her breathy, unique voice alone establishes Brisa Roché as a formidable, wholly versatile talent and singer-songwriter trades the smooth delivery of former label mate Norah Jones for her singular vocal stylings. An Artist with a capital A, American born and French by heart, Brisa Roché is fond of risk-taking onstage and in the studio and flirts with cinema ("The Foam of Days" YSL "), fashion (Swarovski) and drawing. Combining elements of jazz, folk and ethereal pop ,her titles are invitations to dive into her intimacy alternatively with melancholy, lightness or joyful spirit. Her aerial and amazing vocal print (whose style has been compared to Peggy Lee & June Christy by Jazz Hot magazine) conferees Brisa a unique, elegant and emotional character that is sure to reveal the multiple facets of a talent whose generosity intensely speaks to everyone.


Music sometimes is like contemporary art, it is a story of territories and landscapes and also who is staring at this landscape and occupying the territory. The view is gray and blue, necessarily at the edge of the water. The nature of the liquid could be a northern lake frozen in ice or the ocean that weguess in the mist. Who is watching this landscape? Three young musicians, hailing from Rennes, exploring progressive, contemplative, and organic instrumental music. Influenced mainly by Nordic music by piling bits of organic sounds and melodic emotions to assemble aerial instrumental blended with refined electronica and fiery post rock. Like when in contemporary art, technology, and humanity work together. Post rock ambient electronica, whatever the brush used, Fragments do not sing but they let us hear the sounds of a new territory. New album will be available July 2015 "music full of poetry" -indiemusic "a pure, beautiful and unadorned sound" -splashmysound "a musical project as promising as exciting" -themorningmusic "melancholic,atmospheric and dreamlike"-popisonfire

The Blind Suns

A feel good music influenced by Raveonettes , Slowdive, VU ..A dream pop blended with sweet garage and psyche through "Luna" shoe-gaze western ballad scope gracefully through the voice of Dorota, The Blind Suns will seek a musical exploration to cause changes in moods and atmospheres.


If Anglo-Gallic psych-pop duo Motorifik had been around in the 1990s, they would probably have been on Creation Records, so perfectly do they embody that aesthetic, with churning slo-mo guitar grooves and great, anthemic choruses hovering on the edge of legibility.

Eagles Gift

Halfway between dark and Pop Psychedelic Rock Eagles Gift quartet takes us to the heart of a shamanistic incantation against a backdrop of desert mountains!


Four guys swinging their hypnotic songs without gimmicks. MFJ delivers a delicate, impulsive, obsessive and energetic music powered by Jeffrey Hallam hailing from Portland and long time partner with france’s most sought after musicians


After his debut on Warp with "Motion Institut ep". V.L.A.D. returns with a new project : Fall pantoneV.L.A.D.'s sound is a crisp stripped down electronic groove full of Electronic/Hip-Hop/R&B/Electrobooty and Video games influences. Fall pantone is a modern mix between deep warm bassline , crunchy breaks and ethereal melodies, perfect for low-riding...


Born in Glasgow, Mark Mulholland has been travelling and playing music around Europe and North America for more than two decades, both solo and with bands and enjoying studio collaborations with Nikki Sudden, Captain Sensible,and recently afro-beat Pionneer Tony Allen


RGP is a musician, composer and improviser classically trained who worked as a soloist and orchestral arranger with artists like Dead Can Dance, Siouxsie, John Cale, Elvis Costello & Steve Nieve, Gavin Friday (Virgin Prunes), Bomb the Bass, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Hector Zazou. In 2013, he played and recorded with Antony & the Johnsons.


Founder and keyboard player with dub collective Zenzile for almost 20 years (famous for their « movie concerts » and collaboration with the likes of V.Segal Tricky, Jon Spencer..) He has recently composed the music for the Play « Les caprices de Marianne » based upon Shubert which he treated in a more rock fashion as well as a little more baroque but always delicately when they ascend to the lyricism.


Rummage is one of the many projects of Scottish musician Mark Mulholland, in which he teamed up with a couple of friends and long-time musical collaborators, James Finch Jr. And Rusty Miller(Jackpot, Cake..), to record a dozen of his songs at a studio near San Francisco in May 2014.